quinta-feira, 5 de outubro de 2006

"Quem vota nulo não pode reclamar depois"

Na verdade, se realmente há alguém que não pode reclamar, esses são os votantes. Porque ao votar você estaria legitimando o processo de escolha de governantes e qualquer medida que o eleito tomasse (ou pelo menos qualquer medida que o seu candidato tomasse). Quem vota nulo, por outro lado, não legitimou governo algum, portanto permanece com todo o direito de reclamar de qualquer medida imposta sobre si. Todos os que dizem que quem vota nulo "não pode reclamar depois" deveriam calar a boca.

Apesar disso, porém, Lysander Spooner já mostrou que qualquer governo é ilegítimo de qualquer forma e que nenhum voto poderia jamais legitimar governo algum:
It cannot be said that, by voting, a man pledges himself to support the Constitution, unless the act of voting be a perfectly voluntary one on his part. Yet the act of voting cannot properly be called a voluntary one on the part of any very large number of those who do vote. It is rather a measure of necessity imposed upon them by others, than one of their own choice. On this point I repeat what was said in a former number, viz.:

"In truth, in the case of individuals, their actual voting is not to be taken as proof of consent, even for the time being. On the contrary, it is to be considered that, without his consent having even been asked a man finds himself environed by a government that he cannot resist; a government that forces him to pay money, render service, and forego the exercise of many of his natural rights, under peril of weighty punishments. He sees, too, that other men practice this tyranny over him by the use of the ballot. He sees further, that, if he will but use the ballot himself, he has some chance of relieving himself from this tyranny of others, by subjecting them to his own. In short, he finds himself, without his consent, so situated that, if he use the ballot, he may become a master; if he does not use it, he must become a slave. And he has no other alternative than these two. In self-defence, he attempts the former. His case is analogous to that of a man who has been forced into battle, where he must either kill others, or be killed himself.(...)"
Logo, tanto quem vota como quem não vota pode e deve reclamar. Qualquer argumento em contrário é falso e a militância anti-voto nulo é idiota.